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Bristol Rural Branch

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association

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Local Tower Information - Bristol Rural Branch
LocationName or Dedication No. of
Tenor OS Grid
Abson St James the Great 610-1-24 F#ST705749
Almondsbury St Mary the Virgin 823¾ cwt DST603841
Alveston St Helen 614¼ cwt F#ST633875
Aust St John the Evangelist 26 cwt CST572890
Bitton St Mary 814-1-04 EST681693
Coalpit Heath St Saviour 810-0-06 GST673807
Compton Greenfield All Saints 18¼ cwt BbST570822
Doynton Holy Trinity 516 cwt F#ST720741
Dyrham St Peter 614¾ cwt F#ST741758
Elberton St John the Evangelist 19 cwt GST602882
Filton St Peter 66-0-22 BbST603792
Frampton Cotterell St Peter 614-1-11 EST667820
Frenchay St John the Baptist 64-1-03 EbST639774
Iron Acton St James the Less 615½ cwt FST680834
Kingswood Holy Trinity 23¾ cwt FST650738
Mangotsfield St James 87-1-16 BST664761
Oldbury-on-Severn St Arilda 15½ cwt BST608919
Olveston St Mary the Virgin 818-3-08 FST600873
Pucklechurch St Thomas à Becket 612-1-14 EbST699765
Siston St Anne Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary 69-2-12 GST688752
Stoke Gifford St Michael 310 cwt AbST622797
Thornbury St Mary the Virgin 818-2-19 DST633906
Tytherington St James the Greater 69¾ cwt GST669883
Wapley St Peter 68-0-16 AST714797
Warmley St Barnabas 815-0-20 GST674732
Westerleigh St James the Great 620-2-01 EbST699796
Winterbourne St Michael the Archangel 621 cwt EbST641810