Lost Rings

Bristol Branch

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association

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Lost Rings - Bristol Branch
LocationName or Dedication No. of
Tenor OS Grid
Bedminster St John the Baptist 17-2-08  ST585714
Bedminster St Luke 610-0-22 GST593719
Bristol Holy Cross 820-1-20 EbST593727
Bristol St Augustine the Less 213 cwt FST585727
Bristol St Mary-le-Port 819-2-15 FST589730
Bristol St Nicholas 1034-0-02 DbST589729
Bristol St Peter-le-Port 819 cwt EbST591731
Bristol St Mary the Virgin, Redcliffe 1239-0-00 BST591723
Clifton Emmanuel 815-3-20 FST571740
Clifton St Andrew 811-3-26 FST574729
Clifton Wood St Peter 18 cwt AST578726
St George St George the Martyr 815-0-20 GST624736
Stoke Bishop St Mary Magdalene 613-0-16 GST559755