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I first launched this website way back in May 2004 to provide a new home for the Bristol Rural Tower Locator. This amazing feat of programming was almost a year old when I moved it here from my own personal website, and despite now being retired, it's still doing a fine job providing routes between 22 towers in the Bristol Rural Branch of Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers.

For almost two years it fulfilled an additional task of providing detailed information on each of its towers, but when in April 2006 I decided to concentrate my efforts on researching towers and bells, not only in the Bristol Rural Branch but also in some of the neighbouring branches, that role was delegated to the Local Tower Information section. My research has continued ever since then, and I've crawled around all sorts of dark and dusty belfries to compile a detailed survey of more than sixty towers around Bristol and Bath.

Most recently I've split that section into two, creating the Lost Rings section to host all of my research into bells that have been either removed from their original home, or simply rehung for chiming (and therefore lost to the art of full-circle ringing). More towers will be added to both sections as my research continues.

As well as researching bells I also spend much of my free time ringing them. See the Bell Ringing section of my personal website to find out more.

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